Why feminism is a taboo in a male dominated society

I still wonder why most females are not willing to speak their mind , demand respect, object to exploitation and why they prefer to follow the rules made by the society which is ofcourse a male dominated one. All the rules are for the convenience of men and the poor woman has to follow them all without any hush hush…………. If she speaks her mind and raises her voice against the well established rules she is termes as a feminist and she  has to face the brunt of physical and emotional abuse So a better and a comfotable route is to accept and go on………. Sacrifice your wishes for the comfort of others, forget about your own happiness, health and ambitions for others and call yourself happy. Portray to be happy in front of others for the respect of the family. Emotional and physical abuse is behind the curtains.

Every female faces all this at some point or the other in her life . Some come out of it, some accept it , and some live with it for their family;s respect.  Every woman wants to be a feminist but not everyone has the courage to do so. otherwise she will be ostracized and thrown out from the society .Equality is only on papers but not in homes. It is in law but not in lives……… We should question ourselves that how a woman can be less than a man and Why? Who has made her less? She is the one who brings you into this world , She is the one who nurtures a family with her devotion and love, she is the one who gives you strength , and she is the only one on whom u can fall back on so isn’t she an equal infact higher………. I have heard men saying

“Aurat aadmi ki barabari nahi kar sakti” Is it true? One has to ask oneself.A feminist is a one who challenges all these belief systems . She is an iconoclast ( a breaker of cherished & well established  beliefs ) So She is the one responsible for ousting of unjust powerkings and that is why the leaders of power feel the shaking of their throne which frightens them.  Bu today let us accept that a society can not progress without a woman being given her rightful place , respect and equality.

Pls treat every woman in your family with respect and equality. She is born equal to men and will remain equal whatsover happens. Who is society to treat her less than men if god has made her equal.


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