A blog for women

Being a woman myself I greatly felt a need to create a blog which would be dedicated to women ………women and only women. To start with myself I am vimi which I luv to be called.  No Religion, no caste and no family surnames. An electrotics engineer from Bangalore university wanted to do something for females ………..ofcourse  you can call me a feminist & that is what I love to be. This blog will have inspiring content for all women be it a homemaker, an entrepreneur . A specially abled woman , a visually impaired or hearing impaired , a youngster or a child or an old woman married, single , separated or a divorcee. I luv u all. The content in this blog would be inspiring, encouraging and empowering for all. It would tackle problems faced by all categories of women helping you to come out of your problems. I would also try to feature job oppurtunities, business oppurtunities and other freebie offers esp for women in this blog. I would luv to have guest posts , suggestions and topics on which u would like to hear from me.

Guest Posts / Requets / suggestions are welcome