How One Woman Endured Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer While Pregnant

Doctors told her to choose between saving her own life or her unborn baby’s — but she chose both. Battling cancer is an unbelievably difficult ordeal for anyone to face, but it’s infinitely more difficult when you pair it with pregnancy and the possibility of losing your unborn child. That’s exactly what Lauren Jackson, of Wiltshire, England, had to endure when […]

Is India ready for Prenuptial Agreements?

Prenuptial Agreements in India – “Prenups”, as they are commonly called, are contracts in which two partners agree upon a set of terms and provisions before marriage. They typically cover concerns about dividing property and other assets, alimony and child custody in case of divorce, but could also include conditions about infidelity or even division […]

I sing again (A story of a prostitute)

I approach the petrol pump and see a tall, confident young woman directing traffic. “Come again,” she says to a customer as he drives away. Dignified and independent, she lives the life I dreamt for her. Our eyes meet and this business woman becomes my child. I extend my arms to pull her in close. […]